About Lapstix

Let me introduce you to Lapstix

First of all, your client and laptop user will put them right in his or hers laptop case.   The client will probably ask for more than one just because he or she has 2 kids in school.  The client will use these on the plane, he will use them when he has glare outside.  The client will tote them around with the single most important tool he or she owns – the holy grail of business – the laptop.


Second, your logo or advertisement will now be the size of a grapefruit and visible from across the room.  The coffee cups, pens and the key fob will be back at the office, while the set of lapstix will travel coast to coast.  The client will broadcast your message wherever he or she travels.

Your client knows you are a part of the new global tech world which is synonymous with speed and service.  Your client will finally use one of the promos for something he or she needs everyday.  People do not like strangers looking at their screens, and are very security conscious.