Facts and Figures

  • 300 million tablets and laptops sold every year
  • 53% of all computers sold were laptops = 100+ million every year
  • 600 million hotel rooms used avg. 120.00 per night / stay 2.3 nights
  • 739 million people flew commercial flights in the USA

What is the first thing a business traveler does when he or she gets to their hotel room? Answer : Look for their internet connection or business center.

Every hotel in the world gives away 3 promotions – the pen, the pad of paper, and matchbooks – I know they would love to give away Lapstix with their logo .and 1-800 number – the business traveler is the backbone of their business.

Hotel chains, banks, real estate companies, computer manufacturers ( HP, Dell, ect.ect), Disney, Nascar, Colleges, Starbucks ( 20 million cups of coffee a day and every loves their wireless stores ) the list never ends of possible clients